Terms and Conditions for the Merchant

Welcome to the “panteru” site of the Advanced Directions company Ltd., Commercial Registration No. 1010317764 - VAT Tax Registration Certificate No. 310085942800003. Here below are the terms and conditions for subscribing to the “panteru” platforms to display your products there. You shall agree to this agreement which includes all the details and confirm your commitment to respond to the content of this agreement for "panteru", which will be referred to later as (we) or "panteru" or (our site) and the other party who owns the account will be referred to as (the merchant), given that this agreement will be valid as soon as you accept opening a merchant account with us

Merchant account:

·         No person (natural or legal) may use the site if his membership is canceled from our site.

·         When registering as a company or a commercial establishment, you shall be bound by all the terms and conditions in this agreement.

·         Abiding by all applicable laws related to regulating e-commerce in accordance with the terms and laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

·         The merchant may not open two accounts simultaneously on the “panteru” website and “panteru” may cancel the account while abiding by all financial matters related to the account before canceling it.

·         When creating a merchant account, the merchant is responsible for his data and its validity, and for any damage resulting from incorrect data.

·         The merchant may not include the following information (address - phone number - email) and if found, it will be deleted for the first time, after that the account will be blocked.

·         The merchant is obligated not to have a third party as a mediator between him and "panteru" as the merchant shall bear the full responsibility.

·         These terms and conditions apply to the hard copies and soft copies of publications on the various advertising platforms of “panteru”.

·         Panteru may change the agreement terms and conditions, if necessary, according to the business interest.

·         To subscribe and display your products on the “panteru” website, the merchant is obligated to attach the following official papers:

1)      The commercial register of the corporation / company

2)      Commercial Membership / ID

3)      The identity of the owner

4)      Zakat certificate

5)      Tax certificate

6)      Maroof document

Bank account

a)       If the product is a medical or cosmetic or a health product, a medical certificate to practice selling cosmetic products is required and the product shall be authorized by the Food and Drug Authority

b)      When executing product orders, the merchant is obligated to deliver the product to our company website or to the delivery address agreed upon.

c)       When the buyer requests a product, you , as a merchant, must adhere to the time specified for sending the product, and you shall incur all delay losses.

d)      You shall provide our website with information about orders and the time of its execution and notifying panteru with all delivery and shipping information.

e)      The merchant shall abide by all the sales laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

f)        The merchant shall abide by the time specified to provide the item and its arrival to the shipping company, and if the offered product is not available or is sold out, you must immediately inform panteru (an unavailable product shall not be displayed).

g)       The merchant is fully responsible for adding an expired or damaged product.

h)      Panteru is not responsible for any false requests or incorrect addresses.

i)        The merchant is fully responsible for the non-conformity of the product offered on the Panteru platform, as the images and data of the product displayed are the responsibility of the merchant.

j)        Panteru may dispose of returned or damaged products.

k)       Panteru will not store your products as your products will remain in the merchant's warehouse.

l)        The merchant is fully responsible for the products in case they are original or imitated, and he bears all responsibility for that.

m)    The merchant declares that he will abide by all local and international laws in force in this regard, as well as the terms and conditions in force regarding the use of the site.

n)      All content on the site, including but not limited to texts, graphic designs, logos, button icons, symbols, audio clips, digital loads, collected data and electronic programs, are the property of the Panteru platform and their rights are reserved either to Panteru or to its users, authors of these contents and the authorized parties, it is protected by copyright, trademark, intellectual and creative property rights and laws.

o)      The merchant acknowledges his absolute agreement to provide security to Panteru, its directors, employees, agents, and suppliers, and to protect them from any damage that they may incur as a result of claims, losses, breakdowns, costs and expenses that occur due to the merchant's violation of the terms and conditions agreement or contracts between him and Advance Directions Ltd. or breaching any law, amendments or Infringement of the rights of third parties.

Revocation of the terms and conditions agreement:

In accordance with the terms and conditions agreement and according to the law, Panteru may resort to a temporary or permanent suspension or withdrawal and cancellation of your membership and / or limiting or canceling your access to the site without prejudice to its other rights and legitimate means to recover your rights in the event:

·         You violate the terms and conditions agreement.

·         That Panteru cannot validate any of your information submitted to them.

·         That Panteru decides that your activities may cause legal problems to you, other users or to Panteru itself.

Your or others' violation of this agreement does not obligate Panteru to waive its right to take appropriate measures for such an act and for other similar acts of violation, as well as the right to take all measures against all violations of the terms and conditions agreement.

Panteru's responsibilities:

·         Panteru is not responsible for any unsatisfactory or late performance by shipping companies, nor for any losses, malfunctions or delays, due to unavailable or late delivery merchandise.

·         Panteru is exempt from any responsibility for any claim, dispute, costs, damages, liability, and any direct loss to any party that arose out of an act committed by users of the site, and you in particular shall waive any claim in this regard in accordance with applicable laws.

·         Panteru and its representatives are not responsible and exempt from any liability relating to a sound, legitimate and authorized product by the state but is used for illegal purposes, and no person or party has the right to recourse to the Panteru platform any claim, or compensation in connection with the above-mentioned misuse. And, in all cases, the arbitration system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be the system for litigation and adjudication of any disputes that may arise.

·         Panteru is not responsible for any invalid or non-original products as it is the responsibility of the merchant