Sign up:

You can go to the subscription unit from the top of the page by pressing the button (start selling)
On the Vendor registration page, the seller will have to enter an email address and the seller's name 
You will navigate to the Vendor registration page to enter the following basic information:

● Name: You can edit the name later.
● Username: Enter your preferred username.
● Email: You can edit your email address later.
● Password: Enter your preferred password.
● Confirm Password: Enter the password entered in the Confirmation password box.
• Check box (terms and Conditions): the approval of our terms and conditions is required.


You will need to enter the following information to complete the registration:

Contact Number: Enter your contact number.
Trade name: Enter the name of the business.
Contact: Enter the name of the contact in the company.
Clicking the (Save Changes) button will flip the tab (confirm).
The confirmation flag displays a successful registration confirmation message. Clicking the sign-in button will move you to the sign-in page.
Before you log on to the system, you need to verify your e-mail address. You will receive the verification link to the registered email address

 Log in:

You can go to the sign-in popup at the top of the home page by pressing the Sign in button.
You will need to enter the registered email address or user name specified during the registration process along with your password.
Clicking the (Sign in) button verifies the credentials entered and redirects you to the home page/dashboard.