Privacy Policy





Privacy Policy

To all users who log onto this site to confirm personal data

The following information is collected and stored each time you visit the company website or through the services provided by other companies. The information is sent from the browser to the log files server, where the information includes:

1) The time and date of your visit.

2) The pages you have viewed

3)  Personal information such as name, phone number, or email address

We would like to inform you that the company is not authorized to share your personal data or information to a third party unless otherwise provided by law.

To use and protect data:

Accordingly, our site will collect the contents of the above information. The site may use some of the uploaded photos on the site and share them in our various social media accounts. Customer data maintained by our site is highly confidential except:

-The data you agree to exchange with the site.

- The site uses data to provide services and products that suit the preference of each customer in particular.

According to legal requirements, the site has the authority to implement the law or comply with legal guidance, but the company will provide appropriate judicial representations in a case of emergency that protect the interests of users and the public.

- In the case that other companies are trying to enter, edit, and disclose personal information, the site follows the privacy policy and the right to make changes.


Information Privacy Agreement

The Information Privacy Agreement includes the following activities:

- Collect and retrain your personal information that you treat, provide, display, or modify

- Use, review, and modify your personal information as needed

Your use of your personal information and other users’ information

Use, access, browse, and modify your personal information

-  Tools to communicate with third parties via the internet

-  Browsing software used on your PC

-  No misleading or deceptive emails

-  Protect your personal information

-  Contact method to inquire about the Confidentiality Agreement

·Your use of your personal information and other users’ information:

- Members may need to share personal information (including financial information) with each other, in order to complete on-site operations. You must respect at all times the confidentiality of other members of the site.

- We do not guarantee the confidentiality of your information when you share it with other members, so you should request information on the level of confidentiality and security contracts from any other members on the site before you start and provide them with any data or financial or personal information, and you can contact one of our customer service employees to guarantee the safety of the procedure.

- This confidentiality contract does not cover your disclosure of your personal information to a member of another site. You agree to use any personal information you receive from a member of another site for a purpose of completing a process on your site, only for this process, and you will not use the information received from a member of another site for any other purposes (except for a clear authorization from the member at the other site).

- You acknowledge and agree that you will not use personal information that you receive from the site about any member of another site in accordance with the laws in this document.

-  You are aware and agree that you must use personal information that you have received from users under this agreement.

· Use, access, browse, and modify your personal information:

- You can access and review your personal information through the "My Account” page on the site. If your personal information is changed in any way, or you have given incorrect information on the site, you must update or correct it immediately, either by displaying it on my account or by contacting our customer service team.

- Please note that we will retain your personal information during and after using the site as required by law to overcome technical barriers, to prevent fraud, to assist in any legal investigation, and to take any other action required by law.

· Links to third party websites:

-  The site may contain links to other websites, please be aware that we are not responsible for the level of safety or methods used in other sites.

-  We encourage you, when you move from our website to another site, to start reading their Confidential Information Agreement if you intend to give them your personal information.

- Our Confidential Information Agreement applies only to your personal information collected on our site.

·Browser software used on your PC

- Like many websites, our site uses small software files installed on the hard part of your computer. When you go to visit certain web pages on the sites, the registry recognizes the browser through a unique and random number. The logs we use to not disclose any of your personal information. These logs help us improve your performance on the site and help us understand which parts of the site are most frequently used. You are free to delete these records if you have access to them from the browser, although this may result in your termination of the use of the site.    

· No destructive or deceptive electronic messages:

We do not tolerate destructive messages. In order to notify the site of any destructive or deceptive messages, please send an email to The contact to send emails that harm us or any contents will result in the cancellation of the terms of the user agreement. We check the messages automatically, and we may resort to hand filtering to see if there are destructive messages, viruses, malicious attacks, and other malicious or illegal activities.

· Protect your personal information

We keep your information confidential in electronic files. When you provide us with your personal information, you have given us the responsibility to retain this information, and we take tall precautions to safeguard your information (confidentiality agreement) by not accessing it from irresponsible parties or use or disclosure.

In any case, the internet is not safe and we do not guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information, and you enter your username and password every time you wish to access your account or complete a transaction on the site, choose your username and password cautiously by using special letters and numbers. Do not disclose your username and password to anyone. If you think your username or password has been detected contact the site support team immediately to change it.

Contact method to inquire about the Confidentiality of Information Agreement

If you have questions or concerns about our collection and use of your personal information, please contact our Care Center staff or email us at your customer service center’s mailing address.

Panteru, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,


Postal code: 12627

EXT: 4832

Phone 0112251572

Freedom of choice and withdrawal:

You have the right to request opting out of receiving promotional offers from the site at any time, and to refrain from using personal data for direct marketing purposes. When you create your own account, you have the right to choose to subscribe to our regular update service. In case you are a pre-registered subscriber, we will send you email alerts for new products, features, enhancements, special offers, contests, events of interest, and marketing offers. We would like to inform you that at all times, you have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any service or to update your subscription in case you change your mind. And so, we would send an email with the unsubscribe link, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the email.


Return policy:

- Make sure that the products you wish to return are not used and are replaced in their original packaging since they might be resold; used or damaged products will not be accepted for return.

- The period to return any product must be no longer than one week from the date of receipt. If the buyer does not wish to obtain an alternative product, they must declare that they don’t wish to do so when asking for its price. If the process requires a prior review of the price, you must specify this when placing the order on our site.

- You can not return any product and you can not cancel the order after they have been accepted by our company without the written consent from the company to do so.

- Returns of damaged items are allowed if proven to have been damaged before being sent to the buyer.

-When you confirm product selection, make sure that the selected product is the product you want.

There are products that can not be returned or replaced upon delivery, such as (underwear-lingerie-stockings-software-music albums-books).

When you request to return a specific item by email, the shipping company will take the order to communicate with you in three to five business days, but some circumstances may require up to two weeks to be received from the client.

-  When the customer wants to return the product after 7 days, they must contact the email sales@panteru.comto be studied separately and later communicating with the said customer individually.

- Money will be refunded through one of the different electronic means (such as credit cards) after receipt of the item, then the money will be returned directly to your card. The time which you receive money varies from person to person depending on the requirements of your bank, sometimes it takes months to recover your money. Cash payments will be returned in the form of a balance saved in your account on Panteru website.

If the total amount of your new purchase including shipping charges is less than or equal to the balance available in your account, the system will tell you that there is sufficient balance in your wallet. You’ll then need to click "confirm order” and the new purchase amount will be deducted from the available balance.

- If the total amount of your purchase, including shipping charges, is more than the balance available in your wallet, you will need to choose the online payment method (credit card) to pay the difference to complete the purchase. The system will then deduct the available amount from the balance of the account and the remaining amount will be credited to the payment method you have chosen online (you can not pay the difference via payment on delivery option). If you choose the payment on delivery method, you will need to pay the full amount to the shipper, no amount will be deducted from your wallet balance.

You can not replace or change products that you no longer want with other products.

You can not return the products shipped to you by a shipping company not accredited by Panteru or delivered personally.

- All shipping charges will be paid by Panteru.

Return method

When requesting the return of the product, contact our site and provide the time of delivery of the shipment and the reason you wish to return the product. In case you wish to replace it with another product, select a different product and make sure it is the product you want, and we will communicate with the providing company and the shipping company. In case you wish for a refund, refunds are made by bank transfers. If you choose to pay on delivery, you will receive a voucher that can be redeemed at the Panteru site for the returned products. This means that if you are not satisfied with the product you received, we will give you the option to return it to us without costs as we will be responsible for shopping the returned product and we will issue a coupon for you with the value of this product. This does not include the payment fee upon receipt and shipping. All product returns or replacements are completely free (this service is available in Saudi Arabia only). Please notify us within 24 hours as the request is invalid after 24 hours.




Upon confirmation of the request the user will be contacted by phone number or e-mail and informed of the arrival date of the shipment. If the address is incorrect, the user will bear the full return shipping costs.

Shipping policy

There are shipping charges based on the amount of your purchases. If the purchases are less than SAR 70, the shipping fee will be SAR 25. If the purchases are between SAR 70 and SAR 199, shipping charges will be SAR 15. Delivery of the shipment takes from 3 to 7 business days.

Communication method

When you create an account on our site, you agree to communicate with you or send promotional advertisements on the site via e-mail and our site will also send promotional messages to notify you with any changes or promotional activity that might be new to our site.

Creating an account on the site

When you create your account on our site, you are solely responsible for the following data (full name, telephone number, email address, address, etc.). If the recorded data is incorrect, the user is fully responsible for any damage.


Purchasing on the site

1)     Browsing

2)     Searching

3)     Choosing and identifying your product

4)     Adding it to your cart

5)     Complete your purchase

6)     Choose payment method

Note that there is a shipping charge and delivery fee if you choose payment upon receipt.


-  Payment upon receipt

-  Visa Card

-  Master Card

-  Paypal 



-  Panteru is not liable for any unsatisfactory or late performance by the shipping companies, not for any losses, malfunctions or delays due to products unavailable or delayed delivery.

-   Panteru is exempt from any liablity for any claim, dispute, costs, damages, and direct loss to any party arising out of an act done by the users of the site, and you in particular waive in accordance with the laws in force for any claim in this regard.

-   Panteru and its representatives are not responsible for any liability of a valid and legitimate product that is authorized by the state and is used for illegal purposes and no party or person can claim compensation in respect of such misuse.

-  Panteru is not responsible for any invalid or non-genuine product.

Terms and conditions:

Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this site shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

· Saudi Arabia is our Home country.

·    Minors under the age of 18 years are prohibited from registering as a user of this site and are not allowed to handle or use the site.

·    If you pay for our products or services on our website, the details you will be asked for will be provided directly to our payment provider via a secure connection.

·   We accept online payments using credit/ debit card, Visa and Mastercard

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