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    Panteru is one of the largest online shopping sites in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, featuring products from various catergories that include electronics, fashion, household products, watches, perfumes, and much more.

    Since the trend of online shopping is growing rapidly due to the increasing number of shoppers on the internet in the Arab world, Panteru is a platform for exhibiting the business of third-party products; providing the consumer with all sevices and products offered with the choice of online payment or direct payment upon receipt.

    Panteru was founded by brilliant innovators and employees to develop e-commerce for both traders. Also to facilitate the process of consumer access to the products and services desired in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. However, Panteru seeks to expand and reach the entirety of the countries of the Arab world.

    Our current location lies in Saudi Arabia and we are looking to open branches in the Gulf countries to cover all of our customer needs.

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When you create your account on our site, you are solely responsible for the following data (full name, telephone number, email address, address, etc.). If the recorded data is incorrect, the user is fully responsible for any damage.


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