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User Policy

About privacy policy :

Through Panteru, all your data and personal information will be in high security as the site attaches great importance to privacy and confidentiality in preserving all subscriber and merchant data.

The site updates its policy in every period and the date the publication of the update is considered the date of the privacy entry, so we hope to check the updates on the site from time to time to see any amendments to the privacy policy.

Your personal information:

- Personal information will be requested when registering on the site, such as: address, delivery address, phone, and e-mail. It may require adding your identity information, and it may require sending a copy of a valid ID (such as national identity, residence permit or passport) as a type of authentication.

- The site may ask you to obtain some financial information, such as a credit card or a bank account.

- All previous information must be entered into your personal account only and not published in another part of the site even if it was requested from you so that you are not subject to theft and fraud in any way.

- We may collect additional information about your computer (for example, browser type) and browsing information (for example the pages you visit on the site) to the number of times you use the site.

- Any operations and activities related to you will be monitored on the site.

- Please note that we may use your Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is a unique number assigned to your computer server, Internet service provider, or ISP to analyze your activities and improve site management.

Information about you that was not explained above has been collected indirectly. An example of this is when contacting the technical support team, or the evaluation you make, the comments you make on the site.

Our use of your personal information:

- The site will use your personal information when registering for goals related to: evaluating the service provided to you, enabling technical customer service to communicate with you, sending some text messages, and it has been shared with some data with a third party for the purpose of verifying data such as sharing personal credit card data with the bonk Avoid frauds.

- Despite our keenness not to share any of the personal information, we will have to share some of your information with law enforcement and government agencies if there are orders from the court or legal authorities, then the site will be bound by all legal provisions.

- The site may be forced to disclose some personal information when selling the site or transferring its ownership to any of the company's branches or to another company, and until the site is done well it will be preserved and shared in a way that facilitates the workflow and does not harm participation in the site.

- Comments about your products and benefit will be displayed after purchasing and testing the product for the purpose of benefiting and sharing other browsers and for marketing purposes.

We will not sell or share your personal information to a third party in the same field of work of the site.

- When completing registration on the site and agreeing to the privacy policy, we will be allowed to send promotional messages about the new on our site, product offers and periodic updates to all information on the site.

Your use of your personal information and other user information:

- The site is not responsible for any personal information that is shared by you for other sites or applications.

- This agreement does not include any personal information that is shared with another person.

- Your agreement to the terms of this privacy policy means that you do not share your data with anyone else on our site.

Use, enter, browse and amend your personal information:

- You can manage your personal information through the (My Account) page on our website so if there are any mistakes or you have to update any information then you can change and amend it through your personal page, and if you find that you can talk to customer service to benefit you or help you to amend it or add any new information .

- Your personal information will be preserved even after the end of your participation in the site, for any legal purposes or requests related to your retrieval of personal data through our site at any time.

Links to third party websites:

Our site may contain several external links, our site will not be held responsible for these links and is not included in our privacy policy, and please read the privacy policy of these sites before agreeing to any of their registration terms. 


- Like many other websites, our website uses cookies, which are small computer files that are installed on the hard part of your computer. When you go to visit certain web pages on the site, the record on your browser is recognized by a unique and random number.

- Also, the cookies that we use do not disclose any of your personal information. These cookies help us to improve your performance on the site and help us to understand which parts of the site are the most used, you are free to cancel these cookies if available to you. This is from the browser and does not affect your use of the site.

Misleading advertising messages are not clear:

We are not dealing with any of the electronic messages that are not clear and vague, and which may be electronic fraud.  and you may not use our communication tools to send spam or send content that violates our user agreement.

Our site also checks all messages manually to see if there are messages that bear any kind of damage, whether it is fraudulent or carrying viruses or illegal activities.

Protect your personal information:

- All personal information is encrypted, however the Internet is an unsafe method and we do not guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information.

- Username and password must be entered each time when entering your account or performing any transactions on the site.

- Password must be chosen with caution using distinct numbers, letters and shapes.

- Do not share your username and password with anyone. In case you have any doubts about breaching the username and password, please immediately contact the customer service team and work to change the password by entering (my account) on the site.

Return Policy

When requesting a return of the product, communication with our site is made in the case of replacement with another product similar to the retriever. A product is selected and confirmed, and a communication will be made with the product company and shipping company or requesting a purchase coupon on the Panteru website with the value of the returned product. Funds from one person to another according to the requirements of the bank being dealt with.

Based on the following cases:

Return at customer's desire "without defect in the product"

The product must be returned in the same condition in which it was received

The minimum refund period is five days, and the maximum is determined by the merchant as per its return policy shown on each product

Refund due to a defect in the product or not matching the required product

The reason for the return must be mentioned and clarification of the defect or defects in the product received and also in the event that the product does not match the required product with the product photographed and attached to the following email

The minimum refund is ten days, and the maximum is determined by the merchant according to his return policy, which is described in each product.

Products that cannot be returned or exchange

  • Underwear
  • Lingerie
  • Socks
  • Books
  • Computer programs
  • Music albums
  • Swimsuit
  • Cosmetics and perfumes
  • Accessories
  • Smart watch
  • Electronic devices in original condition