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Vendor Terms & Conditions

About Panteru:

is one of the largest e-commerce sites in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, owned by a Saudi company with a commercial record issued by the Ministry of Commerce No. 1010317764 in the name of Advanced Directions Limited Company , and its address (Riyadh - Al-Malaz - Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi Street , 4429-12629), the mailing address of the correspondence:  and for vendors / store

Panteru offers the opportunity to all merchants, without exception, to make the easiest buying and selling process by registering on the platform all the necessary tools to display complications and marketing them easily and easily, and to provide continuous support through our team to facilitate the necessary operations at any time and anywhere.

It represents the signal that Panteru as a platform represents all its electronic forms from (website and application on smart devices or electronic platform)

All terms and conditions that will be approved by merchants and subscribers on the site will be listed below, as it will be an electronic contract that binds the parties to all of the conditions.

First Article: introduction and tariffs

Panteru is an online store whose purpose is to market products and services through basic or optional services by presenting them to the consumer through its merchant platform, and that the merchant practices business and wishes to spread in the network of electronic markets and by displaying his products and services on the Panteru site for presentation to consumers From all the slides, until they are purchased through the store, the account opening was done by the merchant on the site and the Panteru website reviewed and verified the official documents as the agreement between the two parties was completed and the platform was opened and work on it by the merchant.

o  Panteru: It means an electronic platform (Panteru), which is owned by Advanced Directions Co. Ltd. This definition includes all forms of Panteru on the Internet, which is an electronic platform, a website and an application on smart phones.

o  merchant: It is every trader who registers on the platform to establish his online store, whether it is an individual who owns a commercial registry or an existing company.

o  Store: The store that the merchant is using on the Panteru website.

o  Consumer: The person who purchases a product or service from the merchant through his online platform through the Panteru website.

o  Basic services: means the services that are at the heart of the marketing contract, and that marketing does not exist except by its existence, and that is provided to all electronic stores within the Penteru platform, which have no additional costs.

o  Optional services: means the services provided specifically for a party or store and not for all electronic stores that have additional costs.

 Second Article: Marketing services and obligations of Panteru.

Panteru provides two packages of services to the merchant, which are as follows:

ü The basic services include the following:

1.      The Panteru platform provides each customer with a private store bearing his name and logo.

-Panteru is obliged to provide a private store bearing the name of the merchant and its commercial logo through which he can display his products that he offers, while the merchant retains ownership of the products he offers until they are sold and received by the buyers and gives him complete control of the store and privacy in adding, modifying or deleting his products and managing Offers related to products and in the percentage of these offers or delete or amend them so that it does not conflict with the right of Panteru to determine the products to be offered and the design and functionality and all services related to the merchant account and the absolute right according to the requirements of the interest and regulations at any time refuse or suspend the inclusion of any product that the merchant requests to display in his account.

- The merchant is obliged to disclose to Panteru the quantities he will display in his account on the Panteru site and be responsible for updating their data on the site.

2. Providing a call center and customer service.

Panteru is committed to securing the call centers and customer service to the merchant in accordance with the requirements of the terms and conditions of the site and after-sales service and responding to consumer inquiries and receiving complaints and transferring them to the merchant if they relate to him or one of his products to solve them as he is entitled to Panteru in the event that the merchant does not respond to customer complaints sent to him And related to one of his products to intervene and solve the problem no matter what, then refer to the merchant with any financial amounts paid to the customer in order to solve the problem.

Optional services

These services will have an additional cost to be agreed upon between the two parties outside this agreement and when the agreement is documented and signed by both parties and will serve as an appendix to the main agreement that will be signed by the merchant.

Third Article: The merchant’s obligations.

- Submit all documents proving the validity of the commercial activity (Company or establishment CR  - value-added VAT certificate - a stamped bank account letter  - a copy of the authorization from the Chamber of Commerce in the case of dealing with the company's commissioners - a copy of the owner’s identity in case The establishment is an institution)

- Providing the exclusive commercial agency for its products if it is an exclusive agent for a specific product.

- Not to incite or offend the website (Panteru), regardless of the type of abuse (verbal - written).

- Not to display products or commodities that incite or offend the Islamic religion or any other religion, or any explicit sexual content that violates public literature on his account on the website (Panteru), or does not comply with the regulations and instructions in force in the Kingdom.

- Not to display products or merchandise that are prohibited from being sold or traded on websites, which are prohibited by the state, for example, and not limited to:

  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives, and fireworks.
  • Registered national art treasures, documents, and artifacts.
  • Drugs of all kinds and forms, spirits, wines and intoxicants, tobacco of all kinds, narcotic drugs and everything that goes with the mind.

Ø Animals, domestic and wildlife, birds and their members.

Ø Green fodder, including hay.

Ø Zamzam water.

Ø Firewood

Ø Wheat.

Ø dates.

Ø Rocks and timber.

Ø The Koran.

Ø the cars.

Ø Products of Israeli origin or bearing the slogans or flag of Israel.

Ø Natural sand or sand that contains minerals.

Ø Gas cylinders with specifications of natural gas and industrial companies.

Ø Radioactive materials.

Ø Real estate and residential homes.

Ø Medicines and preparations not licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Ø Religiously illicit goods.

Ø Pirated and non-original software and CDs.

Ø Pornographic videos and all related porn.

Ø Articles that are not legally prohibited.

Ø The products are of animal origin and are illegal.

Ø Bonds which include stocks, bonds, customs bonds, or any securities.

Ø General services and ads for sites or companies.

Ø Art pieces prohibited from being exported outside the Kingdom.

Ø Any counterfeit, non-original, damaged, forged, or invalid goods, or that through their use, users of another website may harm their interests and health.

Ø Some food, liquids, and chemical and gaseous materials.

Ø Any goods that have been officially or unofficially announced by any government agency concerned in the Kingdom for not allowing, selling, importing or using them, whether before or after displaying them on the site, and the site has the right not to allow their display even if it is the merchant’s responsibility.

Fourth Article: The process of ascertaining the product or demand and the mechanism of receiving and delivering it

1.The merchant is obliged to provide all details to Panteru about the product or service that will be displayed on the site.

2.The merchant is obliged to provide all the documents, documents and permits required by the Panteru website to ensure the validity and safety of the product, its quality and its conformity with the specifications, standards and quality, and it must also ensure that the specifications of the listed advertisement and its image or the video loaded on it are matched and not add specifications, type or image that do not match With him.

3.The merchant is obligated to have the goods, products and services that he provides and display in the account assigned to him on the Panteru site, in accordance with the standards stipulated by the Saudi Standards and Metrology Authority. The merchant must include explanations and information that help and facilitate the consumer in purchasing the products.

4.The two parties have agreed upon the presence of a representative of the Panteru site in the event that the delivery by him to receive the request is obligated to bring a receipt invoice which consists of three copies for the marketer (Panteru) and a copy for the merchant and a copy for the consumer. The signature is from three parties and this invoice is a process of confirmation or denial of the following:

o Emphasis on the same variety or type required.

o Confirm that it has the same specifications, number, and quantities.

o Confirm that the product is encapsulated, whether factory packaging or store packaging in compliance with the packaging conditions and other instructions and instructions that are enclosed with it when contracting, to avoid the risk of product damage.

o  Emphasizing the safety of the product in terms of fractures, scratches, or coordination of some food or supplemental products such as flowers, some types of herpes, and chocolate.

o  The merchant undertakes to facilitate the process of checking the product or the order and handing it to the representative of the Panteru site within the above-mentioned invoice mechanism.

o  Both parties have the right to refrain from receiving or delivering the order or product if an employee of either party refuses to work through the receipt invoice mechanism and the affected party must address the other party within a maximum period of 48 hours of the violation. In the event of repeated occurrence, the right to stop dealing and work with this agreement and notify the other party Rhetorically, and bear all the damages.

o  The merchant is obliged to receive the products that are returned because the order was canceled by the customer, or because the product failed in the quality inspection process or it will be returned by a Panteru site representative and the cost is charged to the merchant.

Fifth Article: reducing the price of products

After agreeing with the merchant, the Panteru website has the right to reduce the price of its products in the annual seasons, at which time the discount will be added to the buyer’s invoice.

 Sixth Article: Warranty and Maintenance

- The merchant is obligated to guarantee all apparent and hidden defects on the products or goods that he offers in his account on the (Panteru) website and he is obligated to compensate the buyer in the event that the product is defective, and that is either to compensate the buyer in kind in kind with a product similar to the defective product without a material compensation, or return the full amount to the buyer according to His wish.

- The merchant is obliged to provide a 24-month warranty on all electronic products, and this guarantee applies to products that have defects in materials, design or manufacturing, and then the return of the buyer to the warranty will be made by the agent himself.

- The merchant is obligated to provide after-sales maintenance service, if that service is stipulated in his internal policy.

Seventh Article: VAT amount

Panteru is obliged to provide invoices and notices of the creditor on behalf of the merchant based on the data of his record with VAT, and it will then be sent to the merchant.

Eighth Article : internal politics

-The merchant is obliged to form the internal policy of his own account on the Panteru site and present it to the management of the Panteru platform so that there is no conflict between the internal policy of the merchant and the general policy of the site, and he must also determine the internal policy used to deliver the products to consumers in the event that the delivery clause is by the customer, and who is located He has to bear the cost of delivery (merchant - consumer).

- The merchant must specify the internal policy for returns and exchange, as follows or within the scope:

a.The return and replacement period are a minimum of five days from the date of the buyer receiving the product in the event that the product is not defective and a maximum of 10 days.

b.Except for paragraph (a) underwear, perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, and smart watches as they are not returned or replaced as electronic devices are excluded as they are not returned or replaced unless the product is in its closed package and its original condition upon purchase.

c.The merchant must notify the Panteru site of any amendment or addition to its internal policy, and approval is required for that.

 Ninth Article: discontinuation of sale deals

The Panteru site has the right to stop the merchant's sales deals when the need arises, or when it violates the terms of the agreement, for example and not limited to :

- Show products that violate the intellectual property rights of others.

- Show non-original (counterfeit) or expired products.

- The issuance of any fraudulent conduct or behavior from the merchant.

Tenth Article: closing or suspending the account

The Panteru website has the right to suspend or close the merchant account in the following cases:

  • Delayed delivery of the sale in accordance with the agreed period.
  • Increase the level of sales retrieval.
  • Increase the number of complaints from buyers.
  • Cancellation of orders confirmed to buyers by the merchant.

The Panteru site has the right, in the event that the merchant is suspended, closed, or terminated for his account on the Pinterero site, to hold the amounts until the financial accounts relating to the merchant's sales transactions are cleared.

Eleventh Article: Delivery and Transportation Services

- The Panteru website provides delivery service within cities without the merchant bearing any cost and the cost of delivery will be on the customer and the merchant can bear the cost of delivery within cities for his customers as a method of marketing and offer of sales promotion offers from any carrier approved by Panteru and they are (SMSA - ups). And that after notifying and agreeing to a letter by Panteru explaining the time period or the number of requests, and in the event that the merchant wants to take over the Panteru site during these marketing offers, the Panteru site will reduce delivery and shipping costs as a contribution to the success of such marketing offers.

- The Panteru site provides freight service outside the cities with the consumer bearing the cost of shipping and has no responsibility for the process of loading, downloading and installing products that may need this. In the case of the Panteru representative going to the consumer and the merchant does not provide the person who is responsible for the process of loading, downloading and installation, the product is returned to the merchant.

- In the event that the merchant refuses to receive the returned product, he is not entitled to claim it later and the Panteru site does not bear any responsibility for what may happen to the returned product and the merchant is charged the cost of delivery and shipping. Including the act for a period of (3 times) a letter of warning or notification via the approved communication channels, and if it is repeated it will be withheld for a period of (5 days) and in the event of its recurrence the merchant membership will be permanently stopped in this store.

Twelfth Article: Disclaimers

Panteru website disclaims all liability and the merchant’s responsibility incurs all expenses related to returning the full amount to the customer or buyer again, in the following cases:

- When the product runs out of store despite its showing in the available condition in the merchant's account.

- When an incorrect price for the product is determined by the merchant in his account on the site.

Thirteenth Article: The percentage allocated to electronic marketing material and the mechanism of delivery and receipt of financial dues between the website of Panteru and the merchant

- Panteru will even subscribe to the merchants' packages, so that it will subscribe by subscribing to the site to obtain the fitness that suits its precautions and the necessary features, and when choosing and paying by the merchant, he will benefit from all the basic services on the site at any time and any time.

- The mechanism for financial dealings between the two parties is as follows:

o  The merchant pays the value of the subscription chosen directly before activating the account and benefiting from the basic services.

o  The parties have agreed that if the merchant chooses some of the optional services that Panteru provides in this agreement, after agreeing on their value between the two parties, the merchant is obligated to pay their value directly on.

o  The two sides agreed that the special account numbers for financial transactions in relation to this agreement be exchanged through one of the means of communication mentioned at the beginning of the agreement.

o  Merchant sales proceeds are as follows:

  1. The Panteru site is obliged to transfer the collected amounts to the merchant within 5 working days from the date of their collection, in case the purchase was made through payment cards.
  2. The Panteru site pays the value of the products requested from the merchant's store in cash upon receiving the order if the total value of the order is from 1 to 500 riyals. If the total value of the order exceeds 500 riyals, then the Panteru site is obliged to receive the request from the merchant and deliver it to the consumer and collect the amount and transfer it to the merchant’s account after 5 working days after the customer receives the order

Fourteenth Article: Confidentiality of Data and Information

- The two parties agreed that all types of data and information circulating between the two parties are characterized by privacy and fall under an important and highly confidential and are dealt with on this basis.

- Data and information is used only for the purposes stipulated in this agreement and it is not authorized to circulate outside the borders of the signatory parties to the agreement or for other than its purposes as data that is highly confidential and sensitive in all its technical and financial aspects .

- The merchant is obliged not to disclose any confidential information related to the website of Panteru or its legal representatives or about commercial transactions or negotiations or the conclusion of any contracts or any project between them.

- If one of the parties exits this agreement, he is not entitled to divulge the secrets of his information or data before obtaining prior permission from the other party. 

Fifteenth Article: bank accounts

The merchant decides to provide the correct bank account for the Panteru site and to be his bank account, which is the approved account for remittances, and the site must be notified in the event of changing the bank account and that is with a certified letter from the Chamber of Commerce.

Sixteenth Article: Renewal or termination of the agreement and the period of notification

Agreement renew

Both parties have the right to request the agreement to be renewed or not in writing 30 days before the end of the agreement. If neither party expresses its desire not to renew, this agreement automatically renews the subscription period and after paying the required fees. The Panteru site may enter new articles on the agreement or change other items .

Termination of the agreement and period of notification

The two parties agreed to terminate the agreement without notification when the other party breached one of the following items:

Breach of the financial terms or the agreed financial dealing mechanism or when the violations are repeated

Breach of the obligations contained in the agreement, and this breach has caused harm to the other party financially or in terms of commercial reputation.

Bankruptcy or liquidation of one of the two parties .

Expiry of the notification period in cases other than those mentioned in Article 16, paragraph 2.

The Panteru site has the right to cancel the agreement, provided that the merchant is notified of his desire to rescind it a month before the date of the termination.

The merchant has the right to cancel the agreement, provided that he notifies the Panteru site of its desire to rescind it three months before the date of the termination, so that Panteru can settle the financial issues between them.

 Seventeenth Article: Dispute Resolution and Litigation.

       In the event of any disagreement - God forbid - regarding the interpretation or implementation of the terms of this agreement, they will be resolved amicably between the two parties as much as possible within (30) days from the date of the conflict.

 Eighteenth Article: Applicable Law

This agreement is subject to its interpretation of the laws, regulations and decisions related to the subject matter applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 Nineteenth Article: addresses and correspondence

Both parties acknowledge that the address mentioned in the definition of the data of each of the two parties and that the main address through which notifications and notifications are sent and they are considered, any correspondence between the two parties shall be taken into consideration by any means, and all exchanges between the two parties or correspondence via e-mail recorded in the address shall be taken into account.

 Twentieth Article: General Provisions

- The responsibility of the merchant is when it is proven that it is counterfeit or that the papers and documents it provides to the Panteru website are related to the products or rights .

- The merchant is obliged not to incite or offend the Panteru site, regardless of the type of abuse (verbally, in writing, intellectual property or related to the entity and existence of the company.

- The Panteru site may delete and revoke listings of products and services that violate the intellectual property rights of others not offered or to be displayed in the merchant account.

- In case the merchant dies - God forbid - the effects of the agreement extend to the heirs.

- Gregorian date is the basis for all dates included in the agreement.

- The Panteru website has the right to amend or add annexes to this agreement, as it has the right to amend it from time to time, and no appendix to the agreement is approved unless the parties approve the appendix.

-If any clause is found to be unlawful or incorrect, this clause is considered void and does not

-affect the validity of the agreement.